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We develop algorithms and build trading indicators for TradingView platform.

Trading Like a Machine

      Around six years ago, a few of us ventured into crypto and FOREX trading, initially perceiving it as quite simple – a matter of guessing price movements. This perception, however, turned out to be overly simplistic. In short, our journey involved substantial losses in terms of finances, emotional strain, and time investment. This led us to a vital realization: successful trading necessitates a well-defined strategy (breaking news!). Yet, the critical aspect is the ability to rigorously backtest that strategy, spanning back at least 3-5 years. Equally crucial is the capacity to meticulously adhere to the strategy, documenting every trade step – a principle embedded in our algorithms strategies where each trade action is presented as an alert.

Starting Trading

Algorithmic trading revolves around recognizing patterns within price fluctuations and leveraging these patterns to one's advantage, thereby achieving consistent profitability.
"Why not use these indicators to generate wealth for yourself rather than selling them?"
  • tso.trade is a growing and continually evolving business venture.
  • This isn't the typical "Coach" thing; it's an invitation for others to learn trading with our trading indicators. The price reflects years of learning and hours invested in developing these tools.
  • Struggling to adhere to trading rules prompted the creation of a full-cycle trading indicator. This eliminates grey areas, offering only clear "yes" and "no" signals.
We are not financial advisors, and the information shared here is not to be construed as financial advice. Responsible trading is essential, and only funds that can be comfortably lost should be invested. For questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to contact us using the form below.

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